If you are tired of carrying the burden of life on your shoulders, if you say it's time to move to a new dimension, surrender yourself to our hands, rest your soul and body with the mystical journey of magic fingers...

You are in a miraculous place on the azure shores of the Mediterranean, where blue meets green, life gushing from its soil and water, and offering you both beauty and health with the magic of the sun. This is Side Crown Palace SPA center. How would you like to feel like a newborn baby?

Brand new, lively, fresh...

The Wellness and Spa Center serves to refresh and relax you both physically and mentally. Many services are waiting for you, from traditional Turkish bath to Thai massage, from skin care to therapy programs. Professional masseurs penetrate the muscle tissue on the surface with effective pressure on the energy points of the body, soft strokes and necessary stretching movements, and affect much deeper. This massage ensures the balancing of all energy centers in the body and the integration of all internal systems with each other. With the natural oils used during the massage, the tension in the muscles is relieved, the energy level is increased, balanced, and an extraordinary relaxation is achieved in the whole body and mind.

Wellness and SPA services;

• Turkish bath
• Sauna
• Steam room
• Jacuzzi
• Capsule care
• Massage